Vladimir Spasov - Procurator

We, at M+S Hydraulic, will pursue excellence in all maters through dynamic and wise application of the latest knowledge, undertaking efforts for better environment and assuring our contribution to the society.

Тhe principles, we are working on are:

  • We will provide products that customers’ need and appreciate, giving first priority to customer satisfaction;
  • We will provide the quality that engenders customers’ confidence;
  • We will always pursue new technologies to establish higher corporate and social values;
  • We will respect each individual’s capability to work to the fullest;
  • We will view our business from a worldwide standpoint as a global corporation;
  • We will contribute, as a good corporate citizen, to development of society, undertaking efforts for a better environment;
  • We will share our prosperity with all the people concerned, including customers, shareholders and group members;
Vladimir Spasov (Procurator)


Our Mission

Our mission is to win the trust and respect of our customers, investors and employees by reinforcing our values everyday through the management, production, marketing and sales of high quality hydraulic products as well as providing safe working conditions and environment care. We demand from ourselves integrity, respect for people and their abilities, excellent teamwork, responsibility and autonomy, leadership skills, excellent professional qualifications and the commitment to attain a common goal.


Our Aim

  • Customers’ satisfaction by providing them the best products and services on time and on budget;
  • Increasig the M+S brand evaluation, brand control, monitoring, and brand protection;
  • Continually improving of performance and effectiveness;
  • Provide a stimulating environment to encourage creativity, decision making and co-operation;
  • Earning sustainable financial results that enable the continuous profitable growth;
  • Expending opportunities for qualification and career growth of our employees;
  • Meeting our broader responsibilities to the community and the environment;
  • Investments in industrial innovation, development and regeneration in order to meet with changes in demand and supply and to consolidate its position;
  • Establishing close relationship with suppliers that promote open and honest communication;
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